Why And How Wood Poles Are Treated

Wood poles are being mentioned here because among all wood materials, ideally organically and sustainably sourced, they are the most used on the industrial scale. The industrial scale must include thousands of acres of rural farmland on which most of the world continues to rely on for its food security. Wood poles are used mainly for the purposes of upholding sturdy structures of the land’s vast perimeters. It is also used in the construction of low maintenance (and low cost) industrial use structures.

treated wood poles

Given the fire hazard potential through the extensive use of wood, sceptics would normally have a valid point. But it becomes immaterial now that the wood is treated.

This short note has begun to detail briefly why treated wood poles are preferably being used. Putting it mildly, one of the biggest bugbears among land and business owners who rely on wood for their infrastructure is the extreme physical presence of termites.

As is well known by all and sundry, termites thrive on wood for its very existence. Treated wood keeps the termites out completely. Treated wood also acts as a secure barrier against extensive fire damage in the event of a premises accident. It is particularly strong against the natural elements against which man on his own has little to no control. The wood is treated with a special lacquer or resin. The wood is thickly coated.

While offering strong protection against a variety of physical intrusions, it also offers property owners the opportunity to hold on to their wood structures for a lot longer than would be usual. The treatment has the potential to extend the life of wood by over twenty years. Finally, the supply of the wood poles is being carried out in a sustainable manner.