Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias handsome man that have nice voice The singer's full name Enrique Iglesias Preysler is the son of legendary singer Julio Iglesias. He also inherited his father's handsome face. 1979 was a tough year for Enrique, when his father divorced his mother, Isabel Preysler. Men born May 8, 1975 it was forced to move the United States. Enrique began writing song lyrics secretly when she was 15 years old. He studied Business Administration University of Miami a year, until he dropped out of school to pursue his dream in music. Five years later on September 25, 1995, Enriwue released her first album. After that he continued to work and bring up a lot of new songs like the best known is his song Hero. In addition to making songs and singing, Enrique Iglesias also played the movie you know. Perhaps no one ever recognized him in the film Once Upon a Time in Mexico when he was playing alongside Antonio Banderas in there.


Rock your life by hearing the Extreme music Extreme was formed in Malden, Massachusetts, in 1985. Gary Cherone vocalist and drummer Paul Geary are both still members of The Dream. Guitarist Nuno Bettencourt came from a band called Sinful, and bassist Pat Badger was playing with In The Pink. These bands disintegrated, so the members decided to form a new band together. Cherone and Bettencourt began writing songs together and played many shows in the Boston area. Eventually they were awarded the Boston Music Awards in 1986 and 1987. Extreme reformed in a short tour in 2004. On 26 November 2007, the band announced plans for a world tour in the summer of 2008 with King's X as well as the release date for their new album, Saudades de rock produced by Bettencourt. Kevin Figueiredo, who played with Bettencourt in DramaGods and satellite party, took over as drummer. The band then begins Take Us Alive World Tour, supported by King's X in the US and in the UK Hot Leg.

Flo Rida

Flo Rida now have famous with it style of rapp Tramar Dillard, better known by the name of Flo Rida is an American singer and Raper. He was raised by his mother with seven sisters, some of whom sang in a local gospel group. After graduating from senior high school in 1998, he continued his education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to take on the management of international business for 2 years and at Barry University for two months. At the beginning of his career he was rejected by many famous labels therefore he did a lot of other jobs outside of music, but then one of his works with 2 Live Crew member Fresh Kid Ice attracted attention DeVante Swing, a member of the band Jodeci. First single of Flo Rida entitled "Low" which is a duet with T-Pain managed to get the award and the single is an official single from his first debut album Mail On Sunday which is the soundtrack of the movie Step Up 2 The streets. After the success of Mail on Sunday he made an appearance with the singer of R & B, rap, and pop Others include Move Shake Drop "by DJ Laz.


Sia furler genius of music but only a few people know her Sia Furler or real name Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, 39, was born in Australia. In addition to singing, Sia also create their own song. However, not crowded know, songs that topped the Billboard Top carta popular star singing other worlds there were the results of his touch. Who sake only never heard singing Rihanna's song, Diamonds are not you? Do not be surprised because this song was composed by Sia result, even Sia also sang the song several times. Glee star singing the song, Lea Michelle tells about his perseverance through life without a loved one who has died, Cory Montieth also composed by Sia. Said Lea, first heard the song she kept falling like and want to sing. Not so far, the song singing Ne-Yo, Let Me Love You is also the creation Sia. It also triumphed controversy ever get star membotakkan head, Britney Spears to sing the song. In the album Britney Jean, Perfume song composed by Sia. Sia participated once made offerings to sing the song, the vocal version outspoken even more striking compared to the version sung by Britney alone